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J.Cole is… Augh-mazing
03/01/2010, 1:29 am
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Friday night my homie Eze and I hit up The Loft downtown to see J. Cole.

Dude’s performance was ill. His energy was ridiculous.

I won’t lie, I didn’t know all the songs but the ones I did know I had so much fun rapping along to.

Let me recap the night:

The dress code had to be all plaid everything. About 3/4s of the joint had on plaid [Eze and I included].

There were at least 15 acts before Cole even went on stage. Half of them were HORRID. And on top of that, all the host talked about was weed. [Let’s get out lives together… Thanks.]

There was this girl that kept getting on stage ‘dancing’ every time an act left stage. [Side eye. Groupie. The worst.]

Anywho, it took about ten minutes to finally bring Cole out  when it was his turn to hit the stage. The hosts were so damn faded it was ridiculous. [Heavy eyelids and shit, the deuce? ]But when Cole finally hit the stage everybody was hype. We were all impatient to see him since they had a whole damn roster of fools come before him.

I would post my videos but the sound sucks and my uploader is retarded. I’ll try and update though…

I’ll post about the BP3 tour in a lil bit. [Shit was ill.]


We are really High, really High tonight.
01/24/2010, 3:30 pm
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So last night a few Men of Morehouse and Oglethorpians went to the student night at the High Museum last night.

Very schwanky indeed.

I sported my all black everything [nails included] and enjoyed different pieces of art.

I got real excited when I saw my favorite pair of Louboutins walking around the museum, I even had to stop and compliment the woman wearing them. She was pretty and had on a cute LBD that complimented the shoes.
Needless to say I was jealous. Whether they were knockoffs or not, I do not know [I checked the red, they were the right color lol].
Still, a good time was had by all. Great music, a nice atmosphere. A different switch from a campus party or a night at the club…

Happy Halloween
11/01/2009, 9:47 pm
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I’m a little late about wishing everybody a Happy Halloween but better late than never.

Last night in Ybor was wild. Guavaween popped off. For those of you who aren’t in Tampa, Guavaween is a huge ass Halloween party in Ybor City where there are tons of bars and clubs. Everybody was dressed up in their funniest/sluttiest costumes.

Friday I had to work at my nightclub and I dressed up as the Devil. Saturday was Guavaween and I dressed up as a Sexy CEO.

Here’s me as the Devil. Pics were taken with my Blackberry, they’re a lil blurry. I’m waiting on my homegirl to email me more pics.

She Devil

That catsuit had me DYING. It was hot as hell! No pun.

Sans Horns

Breakin on the BEACH!
03/15/2009, 10:06 pm
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My day started at 4:45 am. Papa Doc picked me up (thankfully because it was cold and rainy) and dropped me off at the airport close to six. I hopped on the plane around 8:40, chilled in the business class section (gotta love being an A+ member. AirTran is the SHIZZ!), and jumped off around 10 am. As soon as I stepped off my flight I felt the humidity outside. 

Then, after waiting forty-five minutes for my baggage I met up with Mom Dukes! T.I.A. was thicker than a snicker today. It was ridiculous. We left Tampa International Airport, picked up baby bro and headed to Ihop yessur! After clowning with the fam for a a while I headed to New Tampa to chill with the bestie. Then we went to his house and played Rock Band, then I headed home to take my brother to run a few errands.  I grabbed a nap and clowned some more with the fam. A very nice day back home indeed. 

Now I am watching Sex and The City and Bad Girls Club grubbing on ice cream. Yup yup!

So glad to be home…


Shoes and Drake up next =)

Jimmy Neutron’s Teacher
03/13/2009, 8:37 am
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…is my Principle of Business Management professor. Minus the large nose. She doesn’t necessarily squawk like the broad but still, it’s just as annoying.

Anywho, Atlanta is in a tizzy (excuse me, the hip-hop heads in Atlanta who are fans) because Gucci Mane is out of jail. What he went in for? Dunno, don’t care, don’t ask. I wasn’t a fan of Gucci until I got to Atlanta. The clubs and the radio love them some Gucci. Some of his songs are catchy, I don’t bump him on the regular but I’ll listen to “Bricks” or “Make The Trap” with OJ Da Juiceman (the names? Don’t ask me where they came from. I just cite the author people.) 

I’m still a little upset about not seeing Trey Songz tonight but… hey it’s cool. Like I said, it’s the 404, everybody and they MAMA practically lives in Atlanta so I’m sure I’ll see him again. 

Moving on, Spring Break starts in an hour and 18 minutes! At 10:50 you can’t tell me NOTHING, I’ll be on that Kanye West “Laaaa, laaa, la la,” tip yee dig?

Sunday I hop on the plane (at 8 in the morning mind you) and head south to Tampa! Can’t wait to see my fam and friends! Until then I’ll be suffering in this class. I should be paying attention but all my professor does is regurgitate the text book and put it into PowerPoint slideshows. I think the PowerPoint came with the text to be honest.

I’ll update with shoes in the next post or two. (Don’t worry shoe fans I didn’t forget about you, haha.) I’ll probably pull from SneakerFreaker (check the links) so I don’t isolate my male fan base… for all ten of you who read lol.


More To Come:

So Far Gone- Drake is a fool!

Shoes- Let’s get some shoes!

If you want me to blog about anything specific leave a comment!

-Sign’s off while whistling “Jumping Out The Window”……………

03/12/2009, 2:56 pm
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I’m taking a break from writing this paper. 

Gotta love Economics right? I won’t bore you with what the topic of the paper is. 

Anywho, Trey Songz will NOT be happening tomorrow night to my dismay but hey… It’s Atlanta, he’ll be back lol. 

Saturday I’m going to the airport to see off Byrd and then Sunday I’ll be on a plane headed back to the 813. The first thing I’m doing? The beach. Yeh-ssur. I miss my family too and Mama Dukes is moving so I’ll be helping her pack. Yup yup. I plan on having a pretty spiffy vacation dig? I don’t come back until Tuesday, which means I’ll be doing a little studying as well since I’ll be missing class on Monday and I have exams on Wed. and Fri. after I come back. (Should be a crime. Ugh.)


Anyway. I’m almost done with this paper so I’m gonna knock out the last paragraph.


Java MARTA’s
03/09/2009, 9:46 pm
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Last night about ten of us headed to Decatur for the SLAM at Java Monkey (I told ya’ll it’s my new hang out spot). We took the 19 [bus] to get there and then the MARTA to get back. We had a pretty good time, listened to some deep thoughts formed into art and clowned like us college students are known to do. [Next time we’ll have to bring a camera so you can be a part of the festivities.] 

My favorite line of the night was ” I will never Chris Brown you.” THAT coonery had us all laughing. I think that ‘poet’ was just trying to get laid, not sure. But OTHER than that, most of the poets were really good. You had your typical ‘clichéd’ poet who tried to act like every other experience spoken word artist in the room, then you had the entertaining ones, the ones that made you think and the ones that were just plain dope, dig?

Anywho, tomorrow Parks Middle School is coming to visit Oglethorpe and I’ll be giving tours on campus to the jits. 

I can’t wait for this weekend though! Friday I’m going to see Trey Songz and Bobby Valentino at The Artistry [YESSSUUURRR!!!!!!], Saturday I’ll be packing to catch an early flight on Sunday morning to head back to the Sunshine State, dig? Beaches all week!!!!!!!

Gotta love Spring Break. But first I gotta knock this Econ paper out the way. 

Peace, Love and Prada, as my girl Bradshaw says haha.