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Sex and the City is over…
12/31/2008, 7:44 am
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HELLOOOO WORLD!!!!! (she said in the lamest Lil’ Wayne impression)


Ok so everybody and their mama is doing a blog so why the hell not jump on the bandwagon?

I guess you want the juicy fruit then huh????

Weyuuullll my name is Mone’t (that’d be me in the banner in case you couldn’t tell). I go to school in Atlanta. It’s kind of boughie. Oglethorpe University. Ever heard of it? No? Didn’t think so.

ANYWAY, some say I’m self centered or conceited, well hell, maybe I am… I prefer the term confident though. I mean hell if I don’t love me how the hell am I to expect someone else to love/like me?

I’m blunt and honest… sometimes brutally but if you need an honest opinion, I’m there for ya and I’ll leave it at that.

I luuuuurrrrrrvvvveee football. NCAA more than the NFL though. Florida Gators all the way yessuuurrrrrr =). We didn’t take the championship last year but we got that this year. Don’t worry about that. 

I usually have more male friends than female. Females are catty and we know this. Unfortunately (for the most part) there’s nothing we can do about it. I find that insecure females are the catty ones, and being very secure, I usually surround myself with secure females. 

I’m real sarcastic. My family is made up of nothing but smart asses so… that’s usually what I hang around.

I love Sex and The City, high heels, big bags and make up ya know? I’m a mixture Samantha (without the hoe) and Miranda. Yes I get Carrie fever.

I believe the defining moment of my life will be when I can buy all the Chloe bags and Christian Louboutin shoes I want without a second thought.


Speaking of which, I just saw these… 


I fuggin want these shoes

I fuggin want these shoes

Pretty sure I can find a bag or two to match this shoe….

Gotta love the fuckmepumps =)

Veryyy cute

Veryyy cute

So… If I could find a ‘knock off’ version of those Steve Maddens (at Traffic or Bakers or something) I’d rock the hell out of this outfit… I especially like the pants.

Forever 21 again

Forever 21 again


Forever 21

Forever 21

I saw these pants in store. I want them. Next time I go back I’m buying these momo’s.



I might have to rethink that top though. Oh well.

Anyway…Back to the lecture at hand. You’ll learn more about me as you continue to read.

I’m gonna go clown with the family for New Years.



Peace, love and hairgrease.