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Mocha Match
03/08/2009, 1:42 pm
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Last night was uh… pretty intense. 

My friend Corina and I headed over to Avondale to catch a poetry SLAM competition. I’m so glad I went. If you’ve never been to a poetry slam, you have been deprived. I’m not talking the high school special type b.s. I mean real poets who have worked to craft their skill. (I wish I could cuss to put emphasis on how dope these people were last night.) I can’t necessarily put into words how crazy it was last night, the atmosphere was something you need to experience for yourself but… WOO child lol!!!


Anyway, I’ve been slacking with my shoes so here goes:


Claudia Platform Sandal

Claudia Platform Sandal

Jimmy Effin Choo, now usually Choo is a little too convservative for me. I’m a little extravagant when it comes to my heels… But this shoe right here (note Katt Williams emphasis) belongs on my feet. Ugh! I need somebody to give me $1,400 so I can buy these shoes! (Seriously if somebody gave me $1,400 I’d pay off my room and board and still have money left over just to save for next semester.)


My feet belong in this shoe

My feet belong in this shoe




Anywho, my Econ paper calls… Ugh. I’ve got two pages so far and I need six more… FML.



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