Netty Said…

Breakin on the BEACH!
03/15/2009, 10:06 pm
Filed under: My Loves, What's the Move?

My day started at 4:45 am. Papa Doc picked me up (thankfully because it was cold and rainy) and dropped me off at the airport close to six. I hopped on the plane around 8:40, chilled in the business class section (gotta love being an A+ member. AirTran is the SHIZZ!), and jumped off around 10 am. As soon as I stepped off my flight I felt the humidity outside. 

Then, after waiting forty-five minutes for my baggage I met up with Mom Dukes! T.I.A. was thicker than a snicker today. It was ridiculous. We left Tampa International Airport, picked up baby bro and headed to Ihop yessur! After clowning with the fam for a a while I headed to New Tampa to chill with the bestie. Then we went to his house and played Rock Band, then I headed home to take my brother to run a few errands.  I grabbed a nap and clowned some more with the fam. A very nice day back home indeed. 

Now I am watching Sex and The City and Bad Girls Club grubbing on ice cream. Yup yup!

So glad to be home…


Shoes and Drake up next =)


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