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J.Cole is… Augh-mazing
03/01/2010, 1:29 am
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Friday night my homie Eze and I hit up The Loft downtown to see J. Cole.

Dude’s performance was ill. His energy was ridiculous.

I won’t lie, I didn’t know all the songs but the ones I did know I had so much fun rapping along to.

Let me recap the night:

The dress code had to be all plaid everything. About 3/4s of the joint had on plaid [Eze and I included].

There were at least 15 acts before Cole even went on stage. Half of them were HORRID. And on top of that, all the host talked about was weed. [Let’s get out lives together… Thanks.]

There was this girl that kept getting on stage ‘dancing’ every time an act left stage. [Side eye. Groupie. The worst.]

Anywho, it took about ten minutes to finally bring Cole out  when it was his turn to hit the stage. The hosts were so damn faded it was ridiculous. [Heavy eyelids and shit, the deuce? ]But when Cole finally hit the stage everybody was hype. We were all impatient to see him since they had a whole damn roster of fools come before him.

I would post my videos but the sound sucks and my uploader is retarded. I’ll try and update though…

I’ll post about the BP3 tour in a lil bit. [Shit was ill.]


We are really High, really High tonight.
01/24/2010, 3:30 pm
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So last night a few Men of Morehouse and Oglethorpians went to the student night at the High Museum last night.

Very schwanky indeed.

I sported my all black everything [nails included] and enjoyed different pieces of art.

I got real excited when I saw my favorite pair of Louboutins walking around the museum, I even had to stop and compliment the woman wearing them. She was pretty and had on a cute LBD that complimented the shoes.
Needless to say I was jealous. Whether they were knockoffs or not, I do not know [I checked the red, they were the right color lol].
Still, a good time was had by all. Great music, a nice atmosphere. A different switch from a campus party or a night at the club…

Ranting on the Track

Every now and again I get annoyed with what people consider good music. [I’m sure everybody heard about Kanye backing Soulja Boy talking about how SB’s music was real hip hop. I consider it real bullshit to be honest, but that’s just me.]

So, I was wondering (show of hands) does anybody remember what good music is? To me, good music is: a dope beat, something with sustenance, something to make you think, or even if the song didn’t make you think the lyrics to the song were crazy and had some meaning to it. 

Prime example, Pete Rock and CL Smooth’s T.R.O.Y. Basically CL is telling a story about his childhood and his family over a beat that’s guaranteed to shake your car with its heavy base. Give it a listen and tell me if this isn’t better than half the bullshit on the radio. There are plenty more I could name off but for the sake of length for this post I won’t go off on another tangent.

Now as far as feel good music, or music you can dance to in the club, that’s all fine and dandy, ok I understand. I won’t lie, when “Donk” comes on at Club Miami (in Atlanta for those who don’t know) on Saturday night I shake my ass. But you won’t catch it on my iPod. (Hell you won’t catch ANY Soulja Boy on my iPod.) I keep bringing up Soulja Boy because he’s the front runner of bullshit music. You can’t knock his hustle, I applaud him on his hard work but as far as his music goes it’s all garbage, especially Turn My Swag On. Ugh… (See post below about how I feel about that damn word ‘swag’.) 

To be honest it’s not just hip hop that’s on that bullshit either, R&B is starting to sound monotonous as well. It’s all about sex, one night stands, being at the club or a relationship gone awry or that damn autotune bullshit completely messes up the song. [Tpain and Ron Brownz would consist of another post.]

I’m just asking, could we get a real love song please? I mean I hate to sound like I’m bitching about the entire music game but, c’mon, every old school love song was truly about love. Yeah, every now and again you get a Mario, Usher or Ne-Yo song that is good but you have to admit, a lot on the radio sounds the same. Not everything, just a lot. (Thank God for Raheem DeVaughn and Chrisette Michelle.)

Excuse my ranting by the way, my friend Brian (a friend who I believe knows what good music is, and someone’s opinion I respect) asked me to post about this. And, it’s not completely out of whack considering I just posted about this not too long ago, but in a much more compact composition.

And I’m sure Brian wants me to bring up Lil’ Wayne. He can’t stand him, and personally I think Lil’ Wayne sometimes has a clever way of putting lyrics together but it’s all about the same stuff: Money, hoes and more money. Same shit, different day, different beat, different metaphors and similes to talk about the same shit. Yeah, I’ve got some of Wayne on the Pod, I won’t lie but… He’s mediocre at best. He claims he’s the Best Rapper Alive buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I doubt it. Highly. 

I won’t list off all the musicians who get little credit because they’re not rapping about all the crap you hear on the radio now. We all know who they are in the back of our minds.

I’m not claiming to know everything about music. I don’t. I can’t recite every old school song word for word, I just know good music when I hear it, and what people consider good music sometimes irks me. We’re all entitled to our opinion but… I guess it just amazes me the attention span of people who (for example) believe Gucci Mane is the shit. He’s got some songs for the club but nothing more than that.

I swear the theme song for this post is Dumb It Down by Lupe Fiasco. But then again, for similar posts like this I think that song is always the theme music.

Ok, I’m done ranting. What do you think?


Hovy Hov style:

Back on the scene…
05/16/2009, 12:09 pm
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Unfortunately I’m no Swizz Beatz, it’s a damn recession, if I had a pocket full of green it’d be going to pay for college yee digg?


Sorry I had been away from a while, I actually got a few emails wondering where I had gone (didn’t realize I had readers like that I feel so loved lmao).

The  last semester of college was crazy riiiiight. I finished with a decent GPA, came back home, spent a few days on the beach and spent a few days job hunting, and now I’m apartment hunting for next semester, and car shopping. A lot is going on over here I tell ya.


But enough about all that, I owe my shoe fans a post and I promised my friend Brian I would go HAM on a post about mediocre lyrics over dope ass beats. I’ll be back!!!!!

Looney Tunes
01/01/2009, 4:59 pm
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So now I’m watching Looney Tunes, folding clothes and waiting on my best friend to text me back about what time he’s going to pick me up. 

Oh Happy New Year by the way. I plan on wilding out with a few friends today and going clubbing with a different group of friends tomorrow night =). And I won’t freeze waiting in line! Ya gotta love the warm weather here in Tampa. A nice 70 degrees outside. A little cloudy but it’s still beautiful. Back in Atlanta its 41 degrees. I do not miss that at all. I’m used to my Christmas’ and New Years’ being celebrated in a pair of shorts and a tank top with some flip flops… Maybe some jeans.

I hadn’t watched Looney Tunes in a while. Foghorn Leghorn is hilarious.


Moving on…

Ooo Tweety’s on!

(Still shocked that Tweety is a dude btw… Just thought I’d throw that out there…)

I’m sore from running down Bayshore last night… Four miles I jogged yessur I did. I love running; it clears my mind and relaxes me, on top of keeping me healthy and what not. But I mainly do it for relaxation… Does that make any sense at all? Sweating, panting, legs burning, while my lungs are about to explode but at the same time I feel at ease? Yes? No? Oh well. And running along the bay makes it all the more worthwhile… GAWD I missed Tampa. 

Ahhhh it’s about that time… Gotta get ready so my friends and I can meet up… 

Hope you’re safe for the New Years!

Peace, love and hairgrease!