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Jimmy Neutron’s Teacher
03/13/2009, 8:37 am
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…is my Principle of Business Management professor. Minus the large nose. She doesn’t necessarily squawk like the broad but still, it’s just as annoying.

Anywho, Atlanta is in a tizzy (excuse me, the hip-hop heads in Atlanta who are fans) because Gucci Mane is out of jail. What he went in for? Dunno, don’t care, don’t ask. I wasn’t a fan of Gucci until I got to Atlanta. The clubs and the radio love them some Gucci. Some of his songs are catchy, I don’t bump him on the regular but I’ll listen to “Bricks” or “Make The Trap” with OJ Da Juiceman (the names? Don’t ask me where they came from. I just cite the author people.) 

I’m still a little upset about not seeing Trey Songz tonight but… hey it’s cool. Like I said, it’s the 404, everybody and they MAMA practically lives in Atlanta so I’m sure I’ll see him again. 

Moving on, Spring Break starts in an hour and 18 minutes! At 10:50 you can’t tell me NOTHING, I’ll be on that Kanye West “Laaaa, laaa, la la,” tip yee dig?

Sunday I hop on the plane (at 8 in the morning mind you) and head south to Tampa! Can’t wait to see my fam and friends! Until then I’ll be suffering in this class. I should be paying attention but all my professor does is regurgitate the text book and put it into PowerPoint slideshows. I think the PowerPoint came with the text to be honest.

I’ll update with shoes in the next post or two. (Don’t worry shoe fans I didn’t forget about you, haha.) I’ll probably pull from SneakerFreaker (check the links) so I don’t isolate my male fan base… for all ten of you who read lol.


More To Come:

So Far Gone- Drake is a fool!

Shoes- Let’s get some shoes!

If you want me to blog about anything specific leave a comment!

-Sign’s off while whistling “Jumping Out The Window”……………

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LOL @ the fact that ur teacher reminds you of Jimmy’s teacher… thats funny lol

HAve a good Spring BReak, mines is just ending, but be safe!!!

Comment by Mrlove27

HA! I know it’s horrible. Thanks love! How did yours go?

Comment by mamanetty

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