Netty Said…

The Bogusness of the Situation.
03/06/2009, 5:52 pm
Filed under: Around OU, Faux Pas, What's the Move?

Yes I said bogusness. Don’t question my logic.

This week was… well… it left much to be desired. Spring Break isn’t here yet and it’s starting to piss me off. (Piss isn’t a cuss word I checked lol.) Oh, update on the cussing, the past two days I’ve lapsed, but for good reason- I promise. 

Anyway, tonight I’m headed over to Dempsey to partake in a Sex and The City marathon! Yep yep, there is junk food to be had, trash to talk and all that good stuff. But until then I’ll be typing an eight page paper on how exchange rates in Spain will increase international investment and increase jobs for the Spaniards. It’s an interesting read I promise…

Tomorrow Papa Doc will be bringing the Rugrats by, then on to Mocha Match for a SLAM poetry competition, then on Sunday I’ll be off to the Java Monkey again! 


So yeah, there’s your update.

Peace. FNF UP style dig?

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