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06/09/2009, 8:59 pm
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I could rock THEE shit out of this look. I’m just saying. I could put my own little spin on it =D. Oh yessur.

Rocker Chic [Pronounced SHEEK]Very Chic [ SHEEK ]

I might switch those boots out for these shoes though:

Christian Los

Christian Lo's

I keep switching shoes for when I plan to take over the world. But THOSE mo-mo lovers I will be rockin when I succeed.

I could rock these with the outfit too:

Christian Lobos

Christian Lobo's

I like the first pair better. Plus there are gold accents in the jacket and belt too I believe….

I’d rock the SHIT out of this… Ugh… *Starts saving money now*.

This entire outfit would cost me half a years tuition… College kid’s gotta have priorities right?

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