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Us Placers
12/23/2009, 8:50 pm
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This song has been on repeat for a minute. Love this song.

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12/17/2009, 7:22 pm
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Ya’ll know I look for any reason to shoe shop, whether it be window shopping or actually swiping the card to purchase.  I was walking around the mall with Ma Dukes a few days ago and we stopped in Aldo. This shoe caught my eye:

I’ve got a leather jacket [Wilson’s leather bitches], a pair of black skinny jeans and a grey and black shirt with zippers on the sleeves already ready to go. I just need the shoes. And I’ll be damned if I didn’t find them… Christmas gift to me? Oh yessur. I will be rocking these bitches very soon.

Belee dat.

Givenchy and L’oreal
12/14/2009, 8:58 pm
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I keep seeing this Telescopic Mascara on TV by L’Oreal… I wonder how many people know and or care that they stole the idea from Givency. I was in Sephora about two weeks ago and Givenchy had a mascara with a smaller but similar brush.

I guess L’Oreal will probably sell better since Givenchy’s mascara is $28 dollars…

I will admit Givenchy’s brush is a little aggravating. It doesn’t separate like you think it would. I’ll just stick to my regular mascara:

Merry Humbug
12/13/2009, 12:49 am
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Ok. Allow me to rant my random annoyances from the beginning of the holiday season.

Complaint number 1: After working just about everyday, I’m getting tired of Christmas music. It’s been playing at work since November. Right before Thanksgiving. I’m over it.

Complaint number 2: If you can’t control your kids or you don’t believe in beating them in public leave their bad asses at home. Timeouts don’t work dammit.

Complaint number 3: KNOW YOUR SIZE BEFORE YOU ENTER THE STORE. Simple bitches should know what size they are. There should be NO reason why people have to go get three different sizes in the same shirt because you don’t know what size you are.

Oh, and just a public service announcement since everybody is going shopping:

If you’re in a clothing store and are searching through a table full of folded clothes and an associate comes up and asks you if you need help, they’re secretly telling you “Quit fucking up the table I just spent forty five minutes working on.”

So for the sake of your fellow human being and their sanity, just tell them what size you’re looking for. Nine times out of ten, that table will look a lot neater once the associate is finished with it.

In all seriousness though, I like my job but this last month has been crazy. Lol. Shout outs to everybody who works in retail right now.

Which means I’m a Mac….
12/13/2009, 12:36 am
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I’ve been debating about making a complete switch to Apple right? I mean to the iPhone and a MacBook Pro.

When I move back to ATL I’m most likely going to join AT&T [again] so I’ve been doing some research about that iphone 3GS. It looks pretty spiffy. That phone bill looks like shit though. But my iPod died on me and I might have to switch phone carriers, so I might as well kill two birds with one stone right?The school that I go to has sucky cell service unless you’re a client of Verizon or AT&T. Right now I’m on TMobile… I switched when I got home… Long story short, I’ll most likely be switching back.

AND my HP is tripping. That shit won’t charge right lol. Meanwhile I’m at my Aunt’s house on her deck and she’s got this portable chargy thingy and it’s like a magnet.

I. Want. This. Mac. Dammit.

Ugh I gotta save for the MacBook Pro I want. Fifteen inch bitch, I’m all about the widescreen.


[I love how you can drag images to different tabs on this bad boy. Holy. Shit.]

I’m a lil’ late on this whole transition thing but hey, better late than never. I’ll update ya’ll with with progress lol.

12/09/2009, 9:08 pm
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December 25th it’s going down. Lasers drops and so will Friends of The People. Best believe I will be at FYE getting my copy. Jeas!

Anywho, peep the debut of Solar Midnight.

Ah. I love Lupe!!!!

Edit: Just click on the “Watch On Youtube” link.

Bad Girls Club
12/08/2009, 11:42 pm
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Fellow blogger and twit friend Mizz Scoop and I were watching Bad Girls Club.

It’s a guilty pleasure, it’s like a car wreck you can’t look away from. Dunno.

So here’s a quick breakdown:

Annie is mental.

Natalie is too extra. Basic bitch 101.

Portia seems ok.

Kate seems, alright I guess.

Flo is a lil hot head but I dig her.

Amber needs a hot comb.

Kendra is cool too.

This is only the second episode so… We’ll see how this shapes up.