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Java MARTA’s
03/09/2009, 9:46 pm
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Last night about ten of us headed to Decatur for the SLAM at Java Monkey (I told ya’ll it’s my new hang out spot). We took the 19 [bus] to get there and then the MARTA to get back. We had a pretty good time, listened to some deep thoughts formed into art and clowned like us college students are known to do. [Next time we’ll have to bring a camera so you can be a part of the festivities.] 

My favorite line of the night was ” I will never Chris Brown you.” THAT coonery had us all laughing. I think that ‘poet’ was just trying to get laid, not sure. But OTHER than that, most of the poets were really good. You had your typical ‘clichéd’ poet who tried to act like every other experience spoken word artist in the room, then you had the entertaining ones, the ones that made you think and the ones that were just plain dope, dig?

Anywho, tomorrow Parks Middle School is coming to visit Oglethorpe and I’ll be giving tours on campus to the jits. 

I can’t wait for this weekend though! Friday I’m going to see Trey Songz and Bobby Valentino at The Artistry [YESSSUUURRR!!!!!!], Saturday I’ll be packing to catch an early flight on Sunday morning to head back to the Sunshine State, dig? Beaches all week!!!!!!!

Gotta love Spring Break. But first I gotta knock this Econ paper out the way. 

Peace, Love and Prada, as my girl Bradshaw says haha.

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Sounds like fun… You seem to be a person that goes on alot of adventures lol…

Comment by collegeboy-27

Oh indeed. If the MARTA will take me and I’ve got round trip fare, I’m there yessur! lol

Comment by mamanetty

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