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Top of 2010
02/13/2010, 12:31 am
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So, I was over on reading about their anticipated albums of the year. About half of that list I can identify with.

Here are my top seven [random number I know. Hush]:


Didn’t know the big homie Ci was coming out with an album in 2010. Jeas. I love Ciara, her dancing is ridiculous… like a modern day Janet.


[Since being let off his leash] Usher is coming back with something a lil bit better than Confessions [rumors say] which I think will be a hard task. Confessions was the shit. I’m anxious to see what his next album Raymond vs Raymond is all about [hate the title though but oh well]. Hey Daddy and Little Freak are some dope songs so hey… Both ended up growing on me…

Erykah Badu

I love me some Ms. Badu. On & On, Rimshot and Apple Tree are always on repeat booooy…   New Amerykah Part II: Return of the Ankh is supposed to be dropping soon. Jump In The Air has been on this blog twice [check the entry below]. Window Seat is on the pod as well. Will definitely be in line for this one shawty.


Ok so Heartbreak Drake, Drizzy, Wheelchair Jimmy [however the hell you know him] has been on my iPod for the longest. Ever since I heard Replacement Girl with Trey Songz I’ve been a fan and that was a while ago [when Trey still had braids]. A lot of people are just now hopping on the bandwagon; I’m glad to be able to say that I’ve been a fan. I even had a crush on him when he was in Degrassi [before he became Wheelchair Jimmy, how many of ya’ll can say that? lmao].

Big Boi

1/2 of my favorite rap group Outkast will be dropping something this year. My favorite half of the group [no diss to Big Boi cause I love him too] is just chilling somewhere. [Andre where are you?!] Anywho, I am very excited for Sir Lucious Left Foot to hit shelves this year. Boi’s joint Tangerine with T.I. is fye! from the snippet that’s been posted on the internet. I’m anxious to see what ‘Twan’s got planned for this one. Jeas.

J. Cole

Now, this dude was introduced to me through a friend. I heard him on Hov’s A Star Is Born and thought he was ill. My homeboy was in my ear about him before hand and I kind of blew him off. Then after checking him out [after hearing him on BP3] I decided my friend was right. Cole is ill. The Warm Up is on the pod on constant replay. Can I Live, Light’s Please and Grown Simba are my favorites. I wasn’t there from the beginning but I’m riding till the end lol. [There’s this whole debate about Drake vs. Cole… Um… I’ll go with Cole for 200 Alex… No diss to Drizzy but Cole’s semantics are ri-dic-u-lous.]

Last but not least:

Lupe The Muther Effin Fiasco

Yes ladies and gentlemen this is the number one anticipated album. Enemy Of The State had me on the edge of my seat waiting on Lasers to drop. Kid needs to quit playing and just drop some shit. Real. Talk. Fiasco said on his blog that the majority of EOTS was done in one day. One day?! He shit on so many tracks in a DAY?!

But wait Lupe….

You can’t just drop something that serious and shrug it off like it ain’t nothing…

When Lasers hits the stores… I. Will. Be. In. Line.


Music In My Head
02/02/2010, 12:28 pm
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Ms. Badu is making a comeback and I’m very happy. I love this woman.

Check the new track: Jump In The Air and Stay There [ft. Bilal and Lil Wayne] Weird combo right? Oh well it’s Badu I don’t care.

Shouts to Dajaz1 btw.