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Top of 2010
02/13/2010, 12:31 am
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So, I was over on reading about their anticipated albums of the year. About half of that list I can identify with.

Here are my top seven [random number I know. Hush]:


Didn’t know the big homie Ci was coming out with an album in 2010. Jeas. I love Ciara, her dancing is ridiculous… like a modern day Janet.


[Since being let off his leash] Usher is coming back with something a lil bit better than Confessions [rumors say] which I think will be a hard task. Confessions was the shit. I’m anxious to see what his next album Raymond vs Raymond is all about [hate the title though but oh well]. Hey Daddy and Little Freak are some dope songs so hey… Both ended up growing on me…

Erykah Badu

I love me some Ms. Badu. On & On, Rimshot and Apple Tree are always on repeat booooy…   New Amerykah Part II: Return of the Ankh is supposed to be dropping soon. Jump In The Air has been on this blog twice [check the entry below]. Window Seat is on the pod as well. Will definitely be in line for this one shawty.


Ok so Heartbreak Drake, Drizzy, Wheelchair Jimmy [however the hell you know him] has been on my iPod for the longest. Ever since I heard Replacement Girl with Trey Songz I’ve been a fan and that was a while ago [when Trey still had braids]. A lot of people are just now hopping on the bandwagon; I’m glad to be able to say that I’ve been a fan. I even had a crush on him when he was in Degrassi [before he became Wheelchair Jimmy, how many of ya’ll can say that? lmao].

Big Boi

1/2 of my favorite rap group Outkast will be dropping something this year. My favorite half of the group [no diss to Big Boi cause I love him too] is just chilling somewhere. [Andre where are you?!] Anywho, I am very excited for Sir Lucious Left Foot to hit shelves this year. Boi’s joint Tangerine with T.I. is fye! from the snippet that’s been posted on the internet. I’m anxious to see what ‘Twan’s got planned for this one. Jeas.

J. Cole

Now, this dude was introduced to me through a friend. I heard him on Hov’s A Star Is Born and thought he was ill. My homeboy was in my ear about him before hand and I kind of blew him off. Then after checking him out [after hearing him on BP3] I decided my friend was right. Cole is ill. The Warm Up is on the pod on constant replay. Can I Live, Light’s Please and Grown Simba are my favorites. I wasn’t there from the beginning but I’m riding till the end lol. [There’s this whole debate about Drake vs. Cole… Um… I’ll go with Cole for 200 Alex… No diss to Drizzy but Cole’s semantics are ri-dic-u-lous.]

Last but not least:

Lupe The Muther Effin Fiasco

Yes ladies and gentlemen this is the number one anticipated album. Enemy Of The State had me on the edge of my seat waiting on Lasers to drop. Kid needs to quit playing and just drop some shit. Real. Talk. Fiasco said on his blog that the majority of EOTS was done in one day. One day?! He shit on so many tracks in a DAY?!

But wait Lupe….

You can’t just drop something that serious and shrug it off like it ain’t nothing…

When Lasers hits the stores… I. Will. Be. In. Line.


We Are The World
02/12/2010, 11:35 pm
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Peeped over at Necole Bitchie: We Are The World 25 Remake For Haiti (official video)

Check the new ‘We Are The World’. You’ll see a few familiar faces and a few that have been hiding for a while… [I see you in the cut Faith…]

I won’t get on my soapbox about helping Haiti in their time of need. Do what you can… Just don’t forget about those here at home too…

Let me talk to ya
02/10/2010, 12:03 am
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So, Christian Louboutin [my favorite shoe designer] has come out with a new shoe called “Let Me Tell You”. I like the concept, I think it’s kinda funny:

I think I’d rock the black ones, they’re a little more incognito. I don’t necessarily rock white heels anyway so these are no exception.

What do ya’ll think?

Fine Poetry
02/06/2010, 2:53 am
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A friend of mine took an idea I had and ran with it.

His poetry is off the HOOK! Find him on Twitter[ @de_fine]

I won’t give you all of it but I’ll give you a piece.

What I gave him: I’m too busy with plans of world domination to stop and smell the roses. Pocket full of posies, all you wanted was to hold hands

What he gave me:  I used to imagine your silhouette against the moon as being Gods cameo jewelery. The straps of your camisole is what gravitational pulls looks like… I’ve crossed asteroid belts like infrared beams in the universe’s security systems, stole the world as a diamond thief but can’t dominate your heart… You are the missing sections of the map when Alexander the Great conquered the world….

That’s all I’m giving. Hit my Twitter [@emdottie] to see the rest.

Ugh dude is a fool.

Life of a College Kid
01/28/2010, 2:18 am
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Sooooo after taking that lil’ hiatus from school I knew a fire would be lit under my ass.

Well, the fire has been lit.

It’s still burning.

Waning a bit but burning nonetheless.

I’m an econ major minoring in finance. [I’m money hungry, what can I say? I gotta be able to afford these shoes I keep posting about…] Lemme tell you, coming back, my classes are hawrder [yes hawrder] than last year but I’m good with the challenge.

ANYWHO I bring this up in order to list a few tips for new college kids or old ones who haven’t picked up on this yet…

Follow me….

1. Rent text books [ is your friend. No. Lie.]. College book stores will rip you off. They’ll sell a book for $200 and buy it back for $50 if you’re lucky. If anything, buy them used off of, or These sites will save you money. True testimony.

2. Scholarships and grants are the ish [free money is good money].

3. College kids may qualify for food stamps.

Excuse me, let me rephrase: If you’re a college student working up to 20 hours a week you may qualify. You have to apply and all that good stuff. Click here to find out more.

[Edit: If you don’t know what food stamps are, it’s where the government pays you to stock up your fridge. Yes, that’s right, government sponsored trips to Wal-Mart. They put your money on a debit card and you buy groceries. The government is actually doing something right for once. APPLY FOR IT! Worse thing they can do say is no.]

4. Also, if you’re working as a college student, you’re more than likely paying taxes. Well guess what, students can get a tax credit up to $4000. Now don’t quote me. Do your research. Click here to find out more.

5. Internships are the business. Traveling abroad is the shizz.

Seriously, nowadays you won’t get a job after school if you haven’t interned or traveled abroad. Wanna know why? Because your competition has interned twice and traveled abroad three times. Now it’s not cheap to do either. If you intern in a different city you might have to pay for housing etc. I suggest interning in your home town. Not only will you not have to pay for housing and food, but you’ll be in the comfort of your own home. Now if you have the money to intern ‘abroad’ then by all means. There are also ways to finance that type of thing. Just make sure you do your research.

Studying abroad you can set up with your school. It’s not that hard to find out how to do. Just ask around.

6. Time management is key. You no time manage, you no pass college.

7. Study hawrd. [Yes hawrd]. If you don’t study then you’re waisting your time. Why spend all that money to fail classes? That makes no sense.

8. Get to know your classmates. Study groups are always conducive [if you focus; studying with your friends will hinder you]. Branch out a lil’ bit and go outside your circle of friends.

9. Manage your space. People don’t like it when their roommates irk the shit out of them. Just like you wouldn’t like it if they irked the sam hell out of you. Be cognizant of who you’re living with.

10. Last but not least, enjoy college. Join a sorority or fraternity. Get involved on campus. Hell, venture off campus and explore the city. Do some stress relief!

Hope I helped a few of you out. Did I miss anything?

Givenchy and L’oreal
12/14/2009, 8:58 pm
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I keep seeing this Telescopic Mascara on TV by L’Oreal… I wonder how many people know and or care that they stole the idea from Givency. I was in Sephora about two weeks ago and Givenchy had a mascara with a smaller but similar brush.

I guess L’Oreal will probably sell better since Givenchy’s mascara is $28 dollars…

I will admit Givenchy’s brush is a little aggravating. It doesn’t separate like you think it would. I’ll just stick to my regular mascara:

Bad Girls Club
12/08/2009, 11:42 pm
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Fellow blogger and twit friend Mizz Scoop and I were watching Bad Girls Club.

It’s a guilty pleasure, it’s like a car wreck you can’t look away from. Dunno.

So here’s a quick breakdown:

Annie is mental.

Natalie is too extra. Basic bitch 101.

Portia seems ok.

Kate seems, alright I guess.

Flo is a lil hot head but I dig her.

Amber needs a hot comb.

Kendra is cool too.

This is only the second episode so… We’ll see how this shapes up.