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It’s Been a Minute
03/28/2010, 2:56 pm
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It’s been a minute since I’ve updated. I know.

Work and ¬†school have consumed my life. I’ll be back in a minute. But for now I’m taking a lil’ hiatus. Gotta get everything together ya know.

Love ya’ll!!


I bet the….
03/01/2010, 4:39 pm
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Trey is really tryna start something with these videos man…


Can I just be the girl in the video? [She bad too, reppin for us dark skinned girls I see you bew bew!] Those of us who went to the BP3 concert got to see it [will blog about that later]. Still though… Drools

Neighbors Know My Name

J.Cole is… Augh-mazing
03/01/2010, 1:29 am
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Friday night my homie Eze and I hit up The Loft downtown to see J. Cole.

Dude’s performance was ill. His energy was ridiculous.

I won’t lie, I didn’t know all the songs but the ones I did know I had so much fun rapping along to.

Let me recap the night:

The dress code had to be all plaid everything. About 3/4s of the joint had on plaid [Eze and I included].

There were at least 15 acts before Cole even went on stage. Half of them were HORRID. And on top of that, all the host talked about was weed. [Let’s get out lives together… Thanks.]

There was this girl that kept getting on stage ‘dancing’ every time an act left stage. [Side eye. Groupie. The worst.]

Anywho, it took about ten minutes to finally bring Cole out  when it was his turn to hit the stage. The hosts were so damn faded it was ridiculous. [Heavy eyelids and shit, the deuce? ]But when Cole finally hit the stage everybody was hype. We were all impatient to see him since they had a whole damn roster of fools come before him.

I would post my videos but the sound sucks and my uploader is retarded. I’ll try and update though…

I’ll post about the BP3 tour in a lil bit. [Shit was ill.]