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Louboutin for Lim
02/23/2010, 1:22 am
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Apparently Lim and Louboutin are teaming up aaaaaaand Louboutin is killing me softly with these shoes. I want each and every pair and I can’t afford nan one… [For now.] Tip to HighSnobette for more photos.


Let me talk to ya
02/10/2010, 12:03 am
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So, Christian Louboutin [my favorite shoe designer] has come out with a new shoe called “Let Me Tell You”. I like the concept, I think it’s kinda funny:

I think I’d rock the black ones, they’re a little more incognito. I don’t necessarily rock white heels anyway so these are no exception.

What do ya’ll think?

My Goal In Life
01/28/2010, 4:34 pm
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… is to be a shoe model.

Like really, I heard the models get to keep the shoes.

I’m so jealous.

Moving on…

Looking around on Kurt Geiger’s website I came across these:

For some reason I think Now-And-Laters looking at the platform on this shoe. I’d still rock it though. With all three colors.

I kept looking around then I noticed these muther lovers. I want these boots. So bad.

I had on heels the other day and was reminded that Oglethorpe’s campus isn’t the place to rock five inch heels. All those hills and stairs. Homie was panting headed back to the room from class. Felt like I had just done Kanye’s Workout Plan.

I’m still planning to take over the world. My goodness, my storage unit for shoes will be so ridiculous. [Yes I said storage unit. No walk in closet will be big enough to hold everything…. unless you count the one Big made Carrie in Sex and The City the Movie… Just as long as Big knows he will need his own closet we’re good.]

12/17/2009, 7:22 pm
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Ya’ll know I look for any reason to shoe shop, whether it be window shopping or actually swiping the card to purchase.  I was walking around the mall with Ma Dukes a few days ago and we stopped in Aldo. This shoe caught my eye:

I’ve got a leather jacket [Wilson’s leather bitches], a pair of black skinny jeans and a grey and black shirt with zippers on the sleeves already ready to go. I just need the shoes. And I’ll be damned if I didn’t find them… Christmas gift to me? Oh yessur. I will be rocking these bitches very soon.

Belee dat.

Barbie and Christian
12/08/2009, 10:32 pm
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Everybody is on Nicki Minaj’s tip cause she’s all Barbied out and what not.

I’m a fan of Nicki, but I don’t do that whole Barbie bit… that’s a bit much.

But Nicki come holler at me when you and Christian Louboutin get together and do a shoe line… Till then, I’ll bump your music but I’m going no where near that Harajuku business lol.

Anywho, moving on, Christian Louboutin has teamed with Mattel to create a cute little ensemble. I used to collect Barbie’s when I was younger [I still got those bad boys in storage somewhere] and I haven’t bought a collectors Barbie, or a Barbie in general for years but I might have to set aside some duckies for this one.


[Peep the shoes]

If you’re an avid fan of Louboutin then all the little shoes included look hella familiar.

This is the only Barbie I would truly claim. No diss to Nicki but I’d LOVE to get Christian to design a shoe just for me. Let alone a doll. Maaaaaaaaaan.

12/08/2009, 10:25 pm
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Believe it or not I was on Facebook and came across this clothing site called ModCloth. Their clothes are stylish. They’ve got this vintage style to them.

Immediately this dress caught my eye though:

I dig it! It’s my favorite color, it’s simple and I bet would look great with a pair of classic looking black pumps. I.E. [of course] Christian Louboutin’s popular black pumps.

I think suede shoes would go better but either way I still like it.


YSL for the win
11/19/2009, 1:41 pm
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These boots…

Are the business.




YSL Platform OTK Boot