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Weezy on Vacay
10/22/2009, 2:01 pm
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That T.I. vacay that is.

Sooo dude plead guilty to gun possession which will most likely land him a year in jail…

Do they serve lean in the Big House?


Well damn…

I do give him props for taking responsibility. Way to be a man about it Weezy!

Watch, his ass will be bigger than evar when he gets out of jail.

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I Plead the Fifth
06/22/2009, 11:36 pm
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So the Internet is in a tizzy about Chris Brown’s sentence.  All I have to say is  that karma is a bitch and everybody will get what they deserve in the end [both Chris and Rihanna].

I won’t delve too much more into the situation. TMZ has the video. That’s about all I trust from them.

Happy Nappy
05/20/2009, 9:21 pm
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I have a question.

This is more aimed at the black women who might read this post, but everybody else feel free to sound off.

Which is more appealing? Natural hair or relaxed hair?

Now from a person who has had both the relaxer (which burned my hair out) and the natural look (the look I sport now) I’ve gotten mixed responses. Right now my hair is straight (pressed, no chemicals) and a lot of my friends want my curly mane back. I personally like it pressed, easier upkeep (until I hit the gym). Plus a relaxer isn’t neccesarily the best thing for your hair.

I won’t go into too much of a tangent, I just wanted to know…




Natural Do

Natural Do

Legs and Feet
04/01/2009, 8:23 am
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Metallic Leather Shoe Boot

Metallic Leather Shoe Boot

So… sitting in Principles of Business Management class with Professor Fowl squawking away, I window shopped on Net-A-Porter [check the links] and came across these bad boys. 

Net-A-Porty [as I like to call it lol] has this ad with a whole bunch of leg models, modeling leggings and heels. I’m not understanding how leggings became the new pants but I mean hey… I’ve seen some females wear the hell out of some liquid leggings and heels and some who looked a straight H.A.M. [Hot Ass Mess for the oblivious ones]. Anywho, these shoes were matched with the leggings listed below them.


Jaca Chain Leggings

Jaca Chain Leggings

I won’t lie, the ad looked pretty dope buuuuuuuuuuut I wouldn’t necessarily rock the chained leggings all willy nilly, but I doooo like the shoes =).

I guess I don’t get the legging/pants because I can’t rock them (booty is too big I would look a mess) and I’d rather do the dress over the leggings with a cute belt and some cute shoes dig? I feel like I could actually walk around outside that way without being talked about, at least more than usual (shout out to my fans in the street by the way =]).




Bleh… My professor is still squawking… When she gets more into her lecture, she talks faster and her voice gets higher and it irks. THEE fuck. Out. Of. Me.

I need to find something to block out her annoying tangent… I’m off to Neiman Marcus. 


The Bogusness of the Situation.
03/06/2009, 5:52 pm
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Yes I said bogusness. Don’t question my logic.

This week was… well… it left much to be desired. Spring Break isn’t here yet and it’s starting to piss me off. (Piss isn’t a cuss word I checked lol.) Oh, update on the cussing, the past two days I’ve lapsed, but for good reason- I promise. 

Anyway, tonight I’m headed over to Dempsey to partake in a Sex and The City marathon! Yep yep, there is junk food to be had, trash to talk and all that good stuff. But until then I’ll be typing an eight page paper on how exchange rates in Spain will increase international investment and increase jobs for the Spaniards. It’s an interesting read I promise…

Tomorrow Papa Doc will be bringing the Rugrats by, then on to Mocha Match for a SLAM poetry competition, then on Sunday I’ll be off to the Java Monkey again! 


So yeah, there’s your update.

Peace. FNF UP style dig?

Oscars de la Teatro
02/23/2009, 11:54 pm
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So the Oscars were last night…

There was the good (Marisa Tomei) the bad (Amy Adams) and the fugly (Miley Cyrus- what the fuck was she thinking?).

Marisa Tomei wore Versace. [Wanna know how much I online window shop? I called the designer of the dress before she even opened her mouth on the red carpet… I shit you not.][Go to —>, click on atelier and it’s the first dress that pops up. I found that shit two weeks ago… I am a beast!… but I digress.]








Amy Adams wore Carolina Herrera… Um…. Red is my favorite color of all time but I REFUSE to encourage this abuse of my favorite color.



I HATE that necklace... Ugh I hate the Wonder Woman design as well. It would have been a decent dress if they would have left the bust alone...

I HATE that necklace... Ugh I hate the Wonder Woman design as well. It would have been a decent dress if they would have left the bust alone...




I move on.

Miley Cyrus.



Ok... The right person could pull this off... Cyrus... HELL NO

Ok... The right person could pull this off... Cyrus... HELL NO




What in thee heyull.

She wore Zuhair Murad Spring 2009 Couture according to… Ugh. She needs to take that shit back. I can get the idea of the dress, just not on her. 


I think Angelina Jolie look beautiful.



The earrings? I guess she wanted to add a lil color... But hey, love the dress.

The earrings? I guess she wanted to add a lil' color... But hey, love the dress.



(Gotta love the Brangelina v Anniston drama. I’m still on team Anniston even though Jolie’s a baaaaaad bitch lmao.) Beyonce looked H.A.M.-tastic (Hot Ass Mess for the oblivious ones) and Heidi Klum? Really love? You’re going to fuck up my favorite color as well? That simple looking dress? Klum why ?!

And Vanessa Hudgens? Uh….  She looks like a whole team of carnations beat her ass…… Organize your SHIT Hudge.



What the hell?

What the hell?




Alicia Keys showed up… I won’t even go there. I love Ms. Keys… I’m still trying to figure out the wig….



A. Keys and the wig.....

A. Keys and the wig.....




But I digress…..

Oh and Hugh Jackman?

Smashed his shit! I didn’t know he could dance like that! Stepping and whatnot.. YOU GO BOY!