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We are really High, really High tonight.
01/24/2010, 3:30 pm
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So last night a few Men of Morehouse and Oglethorpians went to the student night at the High Museum last night.

Very schwanky indeed.

I sported my all black everything [nails included] and enjoyed different pieces of art.

I got real excited when I saw my favorite pair of Louboutins walking around the museum, I even had to stop and compliment the woman wearing them. She was pretty and had on a cute LBD that complimented the shoes.
Needless to say I was jealous. Whether they were knockoffs or not, I do not know [I checked the red, they were the right color lol].
Still, a good time was had by all. Great music, a nice atmosphere. A different switch from a campus party or a night at the club…


Jimmy Neutron’s Teacher
03/13/2009, 8:37 am
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…is my Principle of Business Management professor. Minus the large nose. She doesn’t necessarily squawk like the broad but still, it’s just as annoying.

Anywho, Atlanta is in a tizzy (excuse me, the hip-hop heads in Atlanta who are fans) because Gucci Mane is out of jail. What he went in for? Dunno, don’t care, don’t ask. I wasn’t a fan of Gucci until I got to Atlanta. The clubs and the radio love them some Gucci. Some of his songs are catchy, I don’t bump him on the regular but I’ll listen to “Bricks” or “Make The Trap” with OJ Da Juiceman (the names? Don’t ask me where they came from. I just cite the author people.) 

I’m still a little upset about not seeing Trey Songz tonight but… hey it’s cool. Like I said, it’s the 404, everybody and they MAMA practically lives in Atlanta so I’m sure I’ll see him again. 

Moving on, Spring Break starts in an hour and 18 minutes! At 10:50 you can’t tell me NOTHING, I’ll be on that Kanye West “Laaaa, laaa, la la,” tip yee dig?

Sunday I hop on the plane (at 8 in the morning mind you) and head south to Tampa! Can’t wait to see my fam and friends! Until then I’ll be suffering in this class. I should be paying attention but all my professor does is regurgitate the text book and put it into PowerPoint slideshows. I think the PowerPoint came with the text to be honest.

I’ll update with shoes in the next post or two. (Don’t worry shoe fans I didn’t forget about you, haha.) I’ll probably pull from SneakerFreaker (check the links) so I don’t isolate my male fan base… for all ten of you who read lol.


More To Come:

So Far Gone- Drake is a fool!

Shoes- Let’s get some shoes!

If you want me to blog about anything specific leave a comment!

-Sign’s off while whistling “Jumping Out The Window”……………

No Aidan or Big Please.
03/07/2009, 2:29 pm
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A bowl of M&M’s, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and a box of chocolate chip cookies ago [don’t ask] a few friends and I gathered in Bradshaw’s dorm room. 

Following are some photo’s [the sane ones] from last night. Don’t question the logic. There was none lol.






Bradshaw on coffee and Vitamin Water lol

Bradshaw on coffee and Vitamin Water lol

York... very artistically taken lol

York... very artistically taken lol


Miranda... thinking???

Miranda... thinking???


Sam Jones without the hoe lol

Sam Jones without the hoe lol

Sooo yeah. That was us. We had another friend join but she refused to take photos. If you’re on my facebook I’m tagged a thousand times in the albums from last night.

Anyway, gotta get to this Econ paper.


Live from 73rd
03/06/2009, 11:17 pm
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Er, rather Dempsey. I’m in my friend’s (who we shall refer to as Bradshaw from now on) dorm room acting a complete fool with her and two other girls.

We were watching Sex and The City then it turned into something else. So now we’re taking Polaroids and listening to music and what not… Will update later with goofy photos I’m sure.


The Bogusness of the Situation.
03/06/2009, 5:52 pm
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Yes I said bogusness. Don’t question my logic.

This week was… well… it left much to be desired. Spring Break isn’t here yet and it’s starting to piss me off. (Piss isn’t a cuss word I checked lol.) Oh, update on the cussing, the past two days I’ve lapsed, but for good reason- I promise. 

Anyway, tonight I’m headed over to Dempsey to partake in a Sex and The City marathon! Yep yep, there is junk food to be had, trash to talk and all that good stuff. But until then I’ll be typing an eight page paper on how exchange rates in Spain will increase international investment and increase jobs for the Spaniards. It’s an interesting read I promise…

Tomorrow Papa Doc will be bringing the Rugrats by, then on to Mocha Match for a SLAM poetry competition, then on Sunday I’ll be off to the Java Monkey again! 


So yeah, there’s your update.

Peace. FNF UP style dig?

Melted Snow and Monkeyed Javas
03/02/2009, 3:42 pm
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Yesterday was darn swanky (still not cussing I’m so proud of myself) if I do say so myself. 

I had my very first snowball fight and I made my very first snow angel! I was all giddy and what not haha. That was my first time seeing snow… Aaaaahhhh good times man… There’s nothing like the feeling of frostbite on your fingertips… Well, I guess, lack thereof [lol]. I’m used to sand but this was a nice alternative. As Byrd says, this was ‘cute’ snow haha. No blizzards, shoveled sidewalks or snow storms. It was nice. I enjoyed it.



This is THEE first snowball I have EVER made in my life... I know... Im a snow virgin... er... was =)

This is THEE first snowball I have EVER made in my life... I know... I'm a snow virgin... er... was =)

Oglethorpes Quad.

Oglethorpe's Quad.




After about two hours of playing in the snow I got ready to head over to Decatur to enjoy spoken word (as opposed to written  I guess?) at the Java Monkey. There were some interesting characters there to say the least but a lot of great poets. I enjoy spoken word a lot more than Keats or Lord Byron (sorry to the English majors). They bore me, on the other hand Robert Browning has always had my attention.

The atmosphere in the Java Monkey was pretty chill. There was a nice vibe going. My friend Corina invited us and ended up reading one of her poems. Byrd came along and brought her Morehouse Man- excuse me, Man of Morehouse. It was a good time. There was this one poet called Fit. He had all of us rollin’! There was another one I think his name was Fun or something I can’t remember but he was dope too… There were a lot of poets I enjoyed- I can’t remember their names but I can recall a few lines… I won’t post them out of courtesy. Never know who’s reading digg?

Byrd and I are trying to go back this Sunday. There’s something going down at Mocha Match over by the Avondale MARTA station on Saturday at 730. I gotta scratch up five dollars though haha. The Java Monkey has spoken word every Sunday from 8-11 but it’s suggested that you get there early. It was crowded too, snow, cold and everything…

Unfortunately I had class the next day (apparently Oglethorpe was the only school that had class on a regular schedule. Friggin’ Judas’… I digress) but due to the sudden change in weather I believe I have caught a cold. I’m coughing and sneezing like you wouldn’t believe. Ugh. So I didn’t go to Biz Management or Econ today but there’s always Wednesday. I definitely went to Advanced Spanish though haha…


Anyway, off to do some laundry, ‘study’ and go to the gym… if my body permits lol.

Peace! Lupe style.

New Post Soon
03/02/2009, 12:40 am
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After I defrost my fingers and toes.

Soon to come:

Best and only snowball fight of my life.

Spoken word at Java Monkey.

MARTA train rides.


Going to melt the ice off my toes.