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I bet the….
03/01/2010, 4:39 pm
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Trey is really tryna start something with these videos man…


Can I just be the girl in the video? [She bad too, reppin for us dark skinned girls I see you bew bew!] Those of us who went to the BP3 concert got to see it [will blog about that later]. Still though… Drools

Neighbors Know My Name


Invented Sex
11/05/2009, 12:31 am
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Well just dayum.



Trey Songz….

No comment………..

*Clears throat and loosens collar*

10/21/2009, 12:04 am
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There are only a few things that I’m obsessed with. And if you know me personally none of these come as a surprise to you:

1. Sex and The City

2. Economics

3. Makeup in general

4. Christian Louboutin

5. Alexander McQueen [shoes,bags and fashion in general]

6. Music

So I bring all these up basically to talk about number six. If you know me personally you’re probably wondering why the dude that I’m about to bring up isn’t number seven.

Anywho, I bought Trey Songz’ Ready about a week after it came out. FYE had one copy left [that was meant just for me evil laugh].

[I promise between Ready and Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 I haven’t listened to the radio or anything. Both of those albums have been on repeat non-stop.]

At first I was a lil aprehensive at the fact that most of the songs on Ready were love ballads but after listening to all the songs I quickly changed my opinion. Although Songz does have a few club bangers. But overall I’m glad I spent the money. I’ve only bought two albums this year [his and Hova’s]. Neighbor’s Know My Name is my favorite song.  [I’m not the only one either. My friends love that song more than I do.]

Anyway, if you want something good to listen to without ever pressing the fast forward button then Ready is a good investment.

Hov’s BP3 is pretty spiffy from beginning to end as well. On To the Next One and Hate are my fav’s on that album. Along with A Star is Born and So Ambitious [aka my theme song]. I will admit though, I don’t think Blueprint is a proper title for the album but hey… I’m not Hov so I guess it really doesn’t matter now does it.


Off to bump more music. =D

Peace. Hovy Hov style.