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I know you want to
02/12/2010, 11:45 pm
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Jump up in the air and stay there….

This song has been on repeat ever since I got it. And now the video. AUGH!

Badu is the shit:


We Are The World
02/12/2010, 11:35 pm
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Peeped over at Necole Bitchie: We Are The World 25 Remake For Haiti (official video)

Check the new ‘We Are The World’. You’ll see a few familiar faces and a few that have been hiding for a while… [I see you in the cut Faith…]

I won’t get on my soapbox about helping Haiti in their time of need. Do what you can… Just don’t forget about those here at home too…

Mr. McQueen
02/11/2010, 11:19 pm
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British designer Alexander McQueen was found dead today.

I’m a little sad. I love McQueen, his fashion is always on point. I’ve blogged several times about him… Augh… My heart.

Condolences to his family….

C’mere Rude Boy
02/10/2010, 11:14 pm
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Rhianna’s back at it one mo’gin! JEAS!

Let me talk to ya
02/10/2010, 12:03 am
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So, Christian Louboutin [my favorite shoe designer] has come out with a new shoe called “Let Me Tell You”. I like the concept, I think it’s kinda funny:

I think I’d rock the black ones, they’re a little more incognito. I don’t necessarily rock white heels anyway so these are no exception.

What do ya’ll think?

Fine Poetry
02/06/2010, 2:53 am
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A friend of mine took an idea I had and ran with it.

His poetry is off the HOOK! Find him on Twitter[ @de_fine]

I won’t give you all of it but I’ll give you a piece.

What I gave him: I’m too busy with plans of world domination to stop and smell the roses. Pocket full of posies, all you wanted was to hold hands

What he gave me:  I used to imagine your silhouette against the moon as being Gods cameo jewelery. The straps of your camisole is what gravitational pulls looks like… I’ve crossed asteroid belts like infrared beams in the universe’s security systems, stole the world as a diamond thief but can’t dominate your heart… You are the missing sections of the map when Alexander the Great conquered the world….

That’s all I’m giving. Hit my Twitter [@emdottie] to see the rest.

Ugh dude is a fool.

This Just In
02/04/2010, 4:36 am
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So as of this weekend ya’ll won’t be hearing from me. I’ve got school work out of the ass. Three tests, a paper and hella homework. PLUS I work on Superbowl Sunday [during the game which should be punishable by law]. So I’m letting ya’ll know you will hear from me next week.

I’m missing the Superbowl party on campus…

I’ll have to catch recaps on ESPN.

Not happy about that.