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Jingle Boots
11/14/2009, 5:26 pm
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Now for those of you who know me personally you all know I live in hot ass Florida, and it doesn’t get cold.

Me, Ashlee and Ana

Wilding before work

Yup. That’d be me.  [And a few friends.]

And soon I will be headed back to ATL to go back to school.  We all know that Atlanta gets very cold, and Florida has no such thing as winter.

Which means I will be winter shopping here soon.

For the win.

I’m ready for some leather boots boo boo. Yeeeessss. After freezing my arse off last year when it snowed (in the middle of March mind you) I was reminded that leather boots are the way to go. Suede is cool until water is involved. Just saying.

Anywho, tis the season for shopping so here ya go:

Atwood Matrix Leather Boots

These are from Brian Atwood. A little out of my budget but I’d still love to strut around in them. Can’t blame me for daydreaming right? And of course they’re platforms.

Peep that HEEL shawty!

Look from the side. Swanky right?

This pair of boots are still out of my college kid budget. No lie.

I still want them though.

Ok, a pair of boots I can afford:

They’re simple, hella cute and waaaaay cheaper than the Paciotti’s and Atwoods I posted earlier.

I’d rock the jingle bells outta all of them though. Think I’m playin. Lol.


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