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05/20/2009, 9:21 pm
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I have a question.

This is more aimed at the black women who might read this post, but everybody else feel free to sound off.

Which is more appealing? Natural hair or relaxed hair?

Now from a person who has had both the relaxer (which burned my hair out) and the natural look (the look I sport now) I’ve gotten mixed responses. Right now my hair is straight (pressed, no chemicals) and a lot of my friends want my curly mane back. I personally like it pressed, easier upkeep (until I hit the gym). Plus a relaxer isn’t neccesarily the best thing for your hair.

I won’t go into too much of a tangent, I just wanted to know…




Natural Do

Natural Do


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In my opinion, It doesnt matter which hair texture. WHat matters is how the female is styling her hair. For example, a female that i like have natural hair, but she keeps it pressed like you… i like that… so it depends on the styles that they choose to have!

Comment by Mrlove27

I can digg it Mista Love.

Comment by M.Netty

I like them both but I like the natural one a wee bit more. I would rock either style depending on my mood for the day.

Comment by MissJoJo

Hey Girl, so you know we both have had the natural and relaxer look and I personally like the natural style. I like having the curly look and then I can see how long my hair is when pressed out. But you know my fave thing are the braids.

Luv Ya
Brittany Nicole

Comment by Brittany Nicole

Thanks for the love ladies!!!!!!

Comment by M.Netty

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