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Swaggered Out
05/17/2009, 12:10 pm
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Am I the only one tired of people constantly talking about their swag? It’s like men went straight female worrying about their swag. Styles P agrees. I mean for real, “Swag Surfin”? I’m not gonna lie, I surf in the club but… outside of the club? C’mon. Everybody is worried about their ‘swagger’. I mean the only song I can take about that damn s word is the one with Kanye, Hov, Wayne and Tip digg? I can’t even listen to the radio (in Atlanta) anymore…


Brian your post is up next my dude!

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Swag is jumbled up with a long list of things in hip hop cliches that’s all played out. It’s not one of my bigger problems, probably cus I gave up on the radio long time before you did, so I haven’t had to deal with it. Radio originality is extinct.

Comment by Brian

I agree that radio originality is extinct. Everything sounds the same, everybody is spouting the same bullshit… That’s why your post is up next.

Comment by M.Netty

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