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04/10/2009, 8:29 am
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So, a few friends and I were talking about music and everything. In case you couldn’t tell, currently I reside in Atlanta, Swag/Crunk capital of the nation right about now. To be quite honest, it’s irking the SHIT out of me.
I can digg feel good music or music to get you moving in the club but… someone, please tell me, where the hell did real music go? I’m tired of people ‘turnin on their swag’, that shit sounds retarded. I can respect Soulja Boy’s hustle, buuuut I need him to figure out some real lyrics.
And Soulja Boy isn’t the only one who I think is on some bullshit hip hop, he’s just the front runner.

I won’t go too much into my rant. I’m just gonna put Lupe on the Pod. Yah digg?


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