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Legs and Feet
04/01/2009, 8:23 am
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Metallic Leather Shoe Boot

Metallic Leather Shoe Boot

So… sitting in Principles of Business Management class with Professor Fowl squawking away, I window shopped on Net-A-Porter [check the links] and came across these bad boys. 

Net-A-Porty [as I like to call it lol] has this ad with a whole bunch of leg models, modeling leggings and heels. I’m not understanding how leggings became the new pants but I mean hey… I’ve seen some females wear the hell out of some liquid leggings and heels and some who looked a straight H.A.M. [Hot Ass Mess for the oblivious ones]. Anywho, these shoes were matched with the leggings listed below them.


Jaca Chain Leggings

Jaca Chain Leggings

I won’t lie, the ad looked pretty dope buuuuuuuuuuut I wouldn’t necessarily rock the chained leggings all willy nilly, but I doooo like the shoes =).

I guess I don’t get the legging/pants because I can’t rock them (booty is too big I would look a mess) and I’d rather do the dress over the leggings with a cute belt and some cute shoes dig? I feel like I could actually walk around outside that way without being talked about, at least more than usual (shout out to my fans in the street by the way =]).




Bleh… My professor is still squawking… When she gets more into her lecture, she talks faster and her voice gets higher and it irks. THEE fuck. Out. Of. Me.

I need to find something to block out her annoying tangent… I’m off to Neiman Marcus. 


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Yo, those shoes ARE fiya, Mone’t. 😉

Comment by Daryl

Lol, indeed love.

Comment by M.Netty

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