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So Far Gone
03/27/2009, 8:22 am
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So… I know I’ve been procrastinating on these posts. I’m sorry people. I promise I’m getting back on track right now!

Is it bad that I’m blogging in class while my Biz. professor squawks?

So while doing what I do best (traipsing around on the internet) I came across Drake’s So Far Gone and surprisingly it’s pretty dope. It’s better than what I expected to be honest. I mean I was a fan of Drake when dude put out “Replacement Girl” with Trey Songz but I wasn’t on him, digg? If you’re living under a rock and haven’t downloaded dude’s recent mixtape, then click hither

Apparently Drake (aka Aubrey Graham aka Jimmy from Degrassi) is also a new edition to Interscope and an affiliate of Lil’ Wayne’s Young Money camp as well…. Well go head then Jimmy!!!! [I kid, I kid!] Homeboy’s got Trey Songz appearing, Lil Wayne (a few times) and Bun B along with a few others (Lloyd and Omarion). I’m not gonna lie, “Houstalantavegas” is my ringtone and “Best I Ever Had” is constantly playing in the iPod digg!

I gotta give it to Heartbreak Drake, he’s talented. He could work a lil’ bit more on his singing but it’s not bad, I’d rather listen to him sing than Ron Brownz and T-Pain on that voice-box-whatever-in-the-hell-b.s. or Kanye on Heartbreak and 808’s

If ya don’t believe me then click on the link. If ya don’t agree, well that’s your opinion, I respect it.


Shoes up next!!!!!


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