Netty Said…

On the Art of Procrastination.
02/24/2009, 4:35 pm
Filed under: OMGIWANTTHESE!, Random, yes I know.

I’ve got International Economics sitting in my lap right now and guess what I’m doing?


That’s right!

Blogging and Facebooking bih!

Ugh I’m such a sad person.

Oh and don’t forget my unhealthy obsession with shoes. For which today’s update will entail.

Can I just say that I can’t move my midsection? I spent the last three nights in the gym. My abs are so sore and so are the upper part of my legs (not the hips but in that area?), I’m so sore I can’t stand up straight without being in pain… which lets me know I need to let up on my workout… But it’s cool…. I think I’ll just chill tonight. I might walk the treadmill or something idk yet.

Oh, Happy Fat Tuesday, Free Fries and McDonalds and National Pancake Day! (Gotta love the free food yessur! Shouts out to NOLA too!)

Anyway. I was cruising SneakerFreaker (check the links) in a Lupe SneakerBox and the Laces Below Fiasco type mood (Gold Watch is currently on repeat on the Pod yee digg) and came across these:




I want these! They’re like Sperrys meets Converse! They’re so damn fly!

[No pun intended on the Pigeon on the tongue… That’s the only thing I don’t like about the shoes but heeyyy…]


With boat shoes becoming the necessary staple in footwear this year, the pigeon master himself, Jeff Stapleelevates Converse’s coolness factor to icy proportions with the Pigeon Sea Star Hi. Keeping in line with his former collabs by Nike and New Balance, Staple once again utilizes stark grey uppers set off by pink pops that have made all his releases so recognisable. It should then come as no surprise to learn that all 12 pairs that eventually made their way downunder this past weekend flew off the shelves at lightning speed from HYPE DC. You snooze you lose! –Sneaker Freaker


Anyways. Now that I have satisfied my craving for shoes today, I’m going to try and get some work done. I need to do laundry… Ugh… Is it Friday yet?


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