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IHOP, Waffle House and Lent.
02/24/2009, 11:17 pm
Filed under: What's the Move?

So in celebration of National Pancake Day a group of us went to IHOP to grab some free pancakes. Mind you we arrived in true CP style, getting there twenty minutes before the free pancakes stopped. We got there at 9:40, skipped an assload of people and got our pancakes at 10:03 =).

Then we headed over to Waffle House (which to me isn’t all that impressive, I don’t see the big deal but hey…) to eat our IHOP pancakes and to satisfy the cravings of a couple of friends.

All the while, a friend of mine had decided to give up Facebook for Lent.

Now, mind you, she’s on Facebook everyday. So naturally this might be a hard task.

I decided to give up something as well…


If you know me personally, well… I don’t have to say much.

I’ve got forty five minutes to say every cuss word known to man before Lent starts.

Fuck this will be hard… =( Ugh. That means for the next forty days I won’t be saying much laugh my ass off ( sorry I had to do it). 


Anyway… Tomorrow I have class which means I need to get my ass off of here to go to sleep. I’m not looking forward to hearing my Principles of Business Management professor drone on and on about irrelevant shit. Expect a blog… from class… with her babbling drowning out the sound of my typing…


Goodnight bitches.

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