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02/23/2009, 4:43 pm
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Back again…

Sorry about the delay; I know you can’t make a move until you read what’s been going on with me (note the sarcasm).

Alrighty then… Weeeeeeeelllll on Friday I went to the Chi Phi Mardi Gra-tification party. It was pretty dope. There were a whole bunch of people there who I didn’t know (but that’s good usually), a lot of dancing and sweating out of the hair.

On Saturday I visited the King Tut exhibit at the Civic Center with a group from OU. It was about twenty four-five ish of us. It was a damn good time and a wonderful learning experience (lol). No shit, really I learned a lot. I was very entertained. (I’m a history geek, as well as a econ dork, what can I say?)

After the King Tut exhibit we went to Mary Macs (a swanky upscale soul food joint) and caught the itis. I had been craving some catfish since Xmas break so I was happy to cure it (with a side of mac and cheese and ‘whipped’ potatoes….). 

After Mary Macs the god-parents picked me up and we headed to Chattanooga! Yesssuuuuuurr it was a short car trip but long enough for me to catch up on some zzz’s yee digg. (I was operating on four hours of sleep.) 

Anybody ever heard of Chops? It’s chili-dogs with mustard and hot sauce… BOY that shit be rriiiiiiiiiidddinnn! (Excuse the grammar lmao!) It’s a different type of chili dog… I guess its more chili sauce than anything but whatever in the hell it is, it’s good! I was VERY satisfied hehe….


So now I’m back home. Last night I went to the gym and beat the hell out of my lower body so now I can’t laugh without feeling pain… Going back to the gym in about an hour….

One day I’m going to update my shoes. I promise I will….

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