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Live from Goodman Hall
02/19/2009, 11:20 pm
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I’m supposed to be studying buuuuuuuuut I’ve been studying for my International Economics exam all day and hell, basically all week so I’m taking a break to clown with Byrd in the computer lab.


Today was somewhat monotonous. This weekend will be a little bit more entertaining.  Since my classes end at eleven I’ll grab a nap, possibly go to a baseball game (we’ll see, that game leaves much to be desired in my opinion) then there’s a Chi Phi party at 12. I believe a few men of Morehouse (or at least one) will be stopping by… Trivia night for dorm supplies goes down at 7pm and a piano concert goes down at 8. (I’m such a culture dork so the piano concert is a definite yes… don’t question my logic.)


Saturday I’m going to the King Tut exhibit at the Civic Center! Yay! I’ve been wanting to go for the longest so I’m excited. Yup yup!

Then after the Civic Center I’ll be headed to Chattanooga,Tennessee with the god mommy and daddy! Haha….

Anywho… the next time I update I might add some shoes. I’ve been slacking on those. I’m so sorry ya’ll. Shit happens haha.


Peace, love and hairgrease from 1/3 of the Asshole Coalition…. Bwahahaha.


Byrd, Riley, Double D

Byrd, Riley, Double D


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