Netty Said…

Black is Beautiful.
02/12/2009, 1:07 am


I’m sore from dance practice on Monday, running four miles on Tuesday, and dance practice again today. I just got out the bath about half an hour ago. I feel extra chill right about now. I love my dorm. How many freshman students have their own bathtub? Riddle me that Batman…


Today I decided to make a theme after my shoes today. Going through my closet I realized I own more black things than anything. Once I realized this I made it a point to add more color to my wardrobe. I’ll add that to my extensive to-do list, as well as getting another job.

Anywho, todays picks are all in black and in no particular order. (I’ll add the color later.)

Number 1:


Sergio Rossi Vanda Bi-Color Platfor

Sergio Rossi Vanda Bi-Color Platform


S. Rossi

S. Rossi

Half my closet already matches this shoe (isn’t that a shame?). Well, maybe not half but still… I’d rock the hell out of those shoes though.


Number 2: 

Christian Louboutin (my favorite designer)


Very Croise Sandals

Very Croise Sandals

Neiman Marcus had a pair of boots I wanted to post but they were being stingy.

These are very swanky as well. LBD approved. (Little Black Dress for the oblivious ones.)


Number 3:

GUCCI!!!!! (Sorry… I’ve been in Atlanta too long.)


Iman Ankle Strap

Iman Ankle Strap


Urh k. It has been decided that Gucci should give me these shoes for Valentines Day. I’m just saying, it would cheer me up. Immensely


Number 4: [Last one]

Pedro Garcia

Pedro Garcia Rizzo Platform Shoe Boots

Pedro Garcia Rizzo Platform Shoe Boots

These shoes, some skinny jeans (perhaps), a regular white shirt with my black pinstripe vest buttoned over it and a black Fedora tipped to the side come to mind as the perfect outfit when I see these shoes.  Add some jewelry and there ya go.

I need a job. 


Anybody hiring?


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