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02/09/2009, 6:32 pm
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Really Chris Brown?


We hit on women now?

Especially since your mother was a victim of physical abuse? You’re going to do the same thing?

Lawd have mercy.

Ok I won’t make judgments until I know all the facts. But even still hitting on women is a big no no my dear- alleged or not. Herpes or not. In the illustrious words of my friend Riley, get your life together.

Let me back up right quick.

After spending most of the day in bed, I finally got online and checked my email. The headline on Yahoo! was about none other than Mr. Brown and how he allegedly assaulted some random female (or Rihanna… not sure).

Um… riddle me this Batman, what in the hell possesses a man to put his hands on a woman? (I use the term man loosely.)

No shots at Chris or Rhi, I’m a fan of both…  Like I said I’ll keep my judgments in reserve. Plus I have dance practice in 30 minutes. [No pun intended.]

I do hope that Brown didn’t lose his mind.

Who would have thunk it? Chris went straight Rick James on a hoe apparently.

We’ll see what happens. In the meantime, I’m out.


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