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Fun times and what not….
02/07/2009, 4:20 pm
Filed under: Around OU, My Loves

Last night about twelve of us (let me recount….) it was actually thirteen of us (four from Morehouse, and the rest from Oglethorpe) went bowling at Fun Time Bowling off of Buford Highway…. Too much fun. 

Then after the bowling activities (that ended around 1:30 in the morning) we headed to the Chi Phi house for a ‘party’. It was alright. The Men of Morehouse were very bored (I don’t blame them. I’m sure they’re used to something a little bit more exciting) and I ended up leaving first out of the crew. I came back to the house (dorm room), put on one of my favorite movies of all time (Sex and The City… duh) and fell asleep. I had a decent time last night but I ended up turning in early.


I woke up today around 12:40 and suited up for the cold. I was quite surprised at the weather when I went to brunch. I’m sporting a cute tank top with jeans and flip flops. Yep yep! Spring is almost here! Yay!!!!


Bring on the allergies.

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