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02/05/2009, 2:58 pm
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I love Tuesdays and Thursdays… No classes… Sleeping late… Chillin in the sweats yee digg?!

Anyway, Singles Awarness Day (aka Valentine’s Day) is slowing rearing it’s ugly head.

I don’t mean to be cynical (pause for reaction) but Singles Awarness Day (aka S.A.D.) is my least favorite holiday of the year. Then again I haven’t had a Valentine in a minute so… but I’m not bitter.


Anyway, due to the lack of football at OU we have our homecoming during basketball season (ugh). Homecoming is on the 13th (and my dance team is performing; I’ll upload the video after the performance =] ) and then there’s V-day. I believe Angie-la and I may be going to CAU. She’s got the connect (yessuuurrr) so we’ll be over there doing what we do best. Socializing, mingling… flirting (ok, that’s just me – Angie-la is involved, she can’t… but I can tee hee), so yes my V-day may actually turn out to be decent.


Switching lanes to my favorite subject:


Marni Platform suede slingbacks

Marni Platform suede slingbacks

I want them.

I want them now. Bad boys are almost 800 dollars. 

A girl can dream. Trust me, I’m on cloud nine right now. I plan to take over the world and wear these shoes while doing it.

Marni Platforms. I guess the platform/stripper shoe style has been ‘in’ for a while but… I own a pair of five inch platform pumps so I can’t really talk =).

My feet belong in these shoes… But I digress…


Off to do whatever there is to do on campus.. which isn’t much but I’ll make the best of it!

Peace! Hovy Hov style haha.

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