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Boredom in Byrd’s Room.
02/05/2009, 11:35 pm
Filed under: Random, yes I know., Tech-no-lo-gic

Sitting at Byrd’s desk (chompin on some Cool Ranch Doritos mind you), listening to Trey Songz (If you know me you know I lurve me some Trey Songz…I’m not a playa I just crush a lot…) I’m looking for another phone. I was thinking about the BlackJack and the VU but… I’d like to extend my choice selection… I like the Epix too.

Ugh… hard times man. I’d have to extend my contract if I wanted this phone. I don’t want it that bad… I already have to spend two years with AT&T… After those two years, I’ll decide if I feel the need to commit anymore.

I’m a commitment-phob and I accept it… at least when it comes to paying for bills. Cell phone bills…

I digress….


I’m bored, which is the topic for this episode on Mama Netty’s show.

I should be studying or something but I lack the motivation right now.

And now I’m cakin’… I really shouldn’t be but…. Like I said, I’m bored….

Tomorrow I’ve got a class at 9 and 10 and then I’m done! Off to the mall around two and then bowling later on that night for Byrd’s b-day celebration…….


Ok. I’m done, I’m off to find something to do. Even though it’s 11:30 something in the P.M.

Peace. Lupe style.

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