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Happy Birthday Byrd!!
02/03/2009, 11:48 pm
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Angie-la and I

Angie-la and I

Waiting on midnight.


One third of the A.C.’s birthday is tomorrow (er… in about twenty minutes) and it’s tradition to bum-rush the dorm room of the birthday girl/boy/it. 

Angie-la (or as I call her, Byrd) is turning 19. She’s getting old (but not really)…. But it’s cool though!

I first met Byrd during the winter of last year. Oglethorpe was hosting some admitted students thingamajig and being the first two black people there (later two more black prospects would join us) we immediately started talking. Turns out she was from Chi-Teezy (where my mother is from) so of course both our Mama Dukes’ started chatting and what not.

The rest is history.

Now she’s my clubbing, lunching, dinner(ing?), clowning buddy! Along with Riley of course lmao. She’s pretty chill, the complete opposite of me in most aspects but hey, we get along so that’s all that matters lmao.


Happy B Day Slut Bucket!!! (Inside joke, don’t worry about it.)


Off to prepare to bang down her door.




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