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Superbowl Sunday!
02/01/2009, 12:23 am
Filed under: Football the best sport in THEE world., OMGIWANTTHESE!

It’s Sunday!! YAY for football haha.

I am excited even though I won’t be at home but… It’s cool.

The itinerary for today is: Brunch, church, and then Papa Doc is supposed to roll through with the Rugrats (my loves, two of three younger brothers) then I’m going to Lupton to watch the game and scream for the Steelers!! Yup yup!!


Changing lanes. I’ve been slacking on my shoes so let me get back on track if you please:


Peniche Patent Loafer Pump

Peniche Patent Loafer Pump

$1,050 Washingtons yee digg?

I’m on my way to taking over the world so I can buy Christian Louboutin’s all day. I’m working on it… I’m close, but I’ve still got a ways to go…

Oh mah gowsh, I was at Club Miami last Saturday and this chic tried (this is the second attempt I have seen in two weeks) to get away with wearing fake Christian L’s. The soles were not red. Oh noooo they were reddish orange! (Gives the triflin’ heffa a side eye and an arched brow.) I’m real particular, especially when it comes to Christian L’s my friends. The soles on real Christian Louboutin’s are RED! Dark(ish) red at that.

No faking the Christian L’s.

This has been a public service announcement, thanks to Mama Netty and the Asshole Coalition.


I’m so mean… I know…

I try.

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