Netty Said…

Asshole Coalition.
01/31/2009, 8:21 pm
Filed under: My Loves

Ok so… upon procrastinating on my Economics and Spanish homework, I had some friends come to the room.

(326 is where it all goes down ya’ll lmao.)

We, Three Musketeers (Riley, Byrd and I aka Duke Duke- don’t ask) are also known as the Asshole Coalition. It’s probably something we shouldn’t advertise all willy nilly (as Riley would say) but once you get around us you’ll know why. The smart ass-ness and sarcasm is just prevalent.  

We each have our own style of smartass-ness. Byrd has the quiet storm smartass, you know the kind. Real slick with their comments and what not? Sometimes she’ll even add a smile to confuse your ass. Meanwhile, I’m just mean as hell… or… so I’ve been told, but hey! I can’t help it. People shouldn’t do or say stupid shit I figure. Riley adds humor to her smart ass. She’ll make a joke about it, or have a story to tell or whatever. Either way it goes, if we see or hear anything worth being a smart ass about, one of us (if not all of us) will comment.

Anyway, I’ve got to go study…. wink wink.

Peace!!!!!! Lupe style.



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