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01/11/2009, 7:55 pm
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Tampa International Airport….


So it’s 3:21 pm… I board the plane right before 4 30. We take off at 4 25.

GOODBYE JOOK CITY!!!!!! [Haha.] I’m going to miss Tampa. My seventy degree weather… to get to forty degree (and below) weather. Ugh, it pisses me off just thinking about it lol.

Well hey, Atlanta isn’t that bad. (Minus the fact there are no beaches) Atlanta’s pretty dope! Especially since I don’t have a car… officially….

Maaaaan I’m gonna miss driving! Ahh!

Oh well.

I’m not looking forward to riding the MARTA I’ll say that much. Just thinking about that pisses me off…. 

It was a productive break. I caught up with all my besties and some. Chilled with the family and clowned as usual. Good times. Ran Bayshore, went to the beach ya know… It was a fine vacation. 

Battery is going low and I don’t feel like looking for an outlet…

Oh well. Next time I blog I’ll be back in Atl…..


Peace Love & Hairgrease.


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