Netty Said…

Emergency Shoe Pick
01/05/2009, 1:39 am

So I’m in the living room choppin it up with Mama Dukes right? Mind you it’s 9p.m. I came across these momo’s on (where else) I want them. I want them NOW. And peep the toe my dude! 


Alexander McQueen Button Trim Boots $1,745

Alexander McQueen Button Trim Boots $1,745

These make me happy haha. I’d be even happier if that price tag wasn’t so extravagant… I should probably online window shop where I can afford to buy but I mean I’ve gotta set goals for the future right? ;-D


Anywho, today was uneventful… Somewhat… We (mother, brother, Alexis and I) went house window shopping on Davis Island and around Bayshore. Just being nosy I guess. The market for houses is ridiculous. Some of the prices for these places are still expensive but three years ago they’d be worth hundreds and thousands and hundred thousands more than they’re worth now. GAH I wish I had a couple of hundred thousand stashed somewhere.

But then again I reside in Atlanta so I’d probably get a condo in Midtown somewhere…. 

Oh well… Going back to what I do best.


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