Netty Said…


I’m watching the Indianapolis and San Diego game. It’s tied and 24 seconds away from being in over time. 

At the same time I’m cakin with one of the few guys I usually cake with. I’m bored that’s why. That’s rude isn’t it? Oh well.


My bad, back from texting and now we’re in overtime. HOT DAMN! C’mon Colts! Ch’mon Tony Dungy!

I’m debating about getting another phone. I don’t know if I want the LG Vu or a Samsung Black Jack. 

Eeny MeenyEeny Meeny


Miney Mo

Miney Mo

I’m thinking I might go with the BlackJack. Especially in red. Yay. I have made my decision!


AW HELL THE CHARGERS WON WHAT THE DEUCE?!?!? Ugh I’m distraught. The hell just happened? BOGUS! All these damn penalties! And then they lose! Effin Judas’.

Miami better get their shit together tomorrow. I’m pretty sure the Vikings will win…. Ugh. I can’t even blog anymore I’m so upset…



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