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Online Window Shopping
01/01/2009, 2:15 am
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I swear if I could get paid for all the ‘window shopping’ I did online I’d be richer than Bill Gates. 

I guess that lets you know how much free time I have haha.

Anyway, browsing Chloe’s online shopping I came across these beauties.

Arent they cute!

Aren't they cute!

I lurve these shoes. I want them… Belated Christmas gift? Yes? No? Maybe? Ok… I won’t hint anymore.

Anywho, these lovelies are from Miu Miu. They’re the Cross-over Platform sandals and they cost about 600 duckies. Yes, yes 600 George Washington’s… I’ll have to find some cheaper similar versions of this shoe cause I’m a college student aaaaannnnnnd there is NO way in hell I’m dropping 600 bucks on some heels. No matter how good they’d make my calves look….


ANYWAY moving on to the next pair of shoes!

I’m not a big fan of the peep toe but these are cute.

GALAXIE heel... Very nice Bakers =)

GALAXIE heel... Very nice Bakers =)

Plus the five inches on that heel… Oooo mama like. It’s 80 dollars too. I’d rather spend that much on these rather than those Miu Miu’s… At least until I take over the world. >:-)



But anyway, it’s New Years Eve. I’ll update the shoe list later. Be safe and what not!


Peace, love and hairgrease.


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