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Looney Tunes
01/01/2009, 4:59 pm
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So now I’m watching Looney Tunes, folding clothes and waiting on my best friend to text me back about what time he’s going to pick me up. 

Oh Happy New Year by the way. I plan on wilding out with a few friends today and going clubbing with a different group of friends tomorrow night =). And I won’t freeze waiting in line! Ya gotta love the warm weather here in Tampa. A nice 70 degrees outside. A little cloudy but it’s still beautiful. Back in Atlanta its 41 degrees. I do not miss that at all. I’m used to my Christmas’ and New Years’ being celebrated in a pair of shorts and a tank top with some flip flops… Maybe some jeans.

I hadn’t watched Looney Tunes in a while. Foghorn Leghorn is hilarious.


Moving on…

Ooo Tweety’s on!

(Still shocked that Tweety is a dude btw… Just thought I’d throw that out there…)

I’m sore from running down Bayshore last night… Four miles I jogged yessur I did. I love running; it clears my mind and relaxes me, on top of keeping me healthy and what not. But I mainly do it for relaxation… Does that make any sense at all? Sweating, panting, legs burning, while my lungs are about to explode but at the same time I feel at ease? Yes? No? Oh well. And running along the bay makes it all the more worthwhile… GAWD I missed Tampa. 

Ahhhh it’s about that time… Gotta get ready so my friends and I can meet up… 

Hope you’re safe for the New Years!

Peace, love and hairgrease!

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